7 Days of Great Sex: How to Make it Happen

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Don't schedule all your romps, though. On the days you both have a little leeway with your time, keep the spontaneity in your sex life. Let your hormones do the planning.

Once a relationship is established, the person with the higher libido and sex drive (usually the guy) is almost always the initiator for sex. This gets old fast - for both people. The guy gets tired of having to do all the work, while the woman quickly tires of getting pressured for sex when she doesn't feel totally into it.

So during your seven days of sex, make it a point to switch roles at least one of the days. If your guy is usually the initiator, ensure you're the one to start a spontaneous sexy session this week. Lay it on real hot and heavy, too. Your guy will find the role reversal to be a big turn-on!

Pull an All-Nighter, Try New Positions, Have a Quickie and Get Kinky

When's the last time you and your man stayed up all night exploring each other's bodies? If you're like most women in long-term relationships, it's probably been a while - most likely since the beginning of your courtship. So one night this week, probably a Friday or Saturday is best, make plans to stay in - all night.