Change Your Position on Missionary Sex

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Become a spider man -- and woman. Facing opposite each other, both partners lie down and bring up their knees as the man enters the woman. Then all you need to do is wiggle, and if you do it nice and slow, it can last a long time. Although great for those who are tired but want long-lasting sex without much effort, some people might get bored.


The Spoon Split is a position that makes many women feel naughty. From a spooning position, the man takes the woman's top leg and drapes it across his. This makes the hips widen, allowing the man to go in deep and easily access the woman's clitoris. Women usually love this position, as it's naughty and intimate at the same time, great for women who like it a little wild.


Standing Rhythm is a position that many men (and some women) fantasize about. It involves the woman bending over a couch (or table or other object of similar height) as she spreads her legs. It's easy for the man to thrust deeply from this position and the intensity is kicked up a notch if the man rotates the woman's hips. A naughty but exciting position to try when the moment strikes.