Change Your Position on Missionary Sex

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A slight twist to the standard missionary position, the Slippery Nipple allows the woman to lie there, but the man has his hands free and does all the work. What woman wouldn't like that? As the man sits upright, the woman lies on her back and puts her legs on his chest, resting feet on his shoulders. The man does the work, while the woman enjoys herself. The man also has his hands free, so he can touch the woman however he pleases. The position is good if you want to shake up your normal sex routine a little, but not too much.


The Magic Bullet is a great position for women because it allows your man to hit your G-spot quickly. As the woman lies on her back with her legs straight up in the air, the man kneels across from her and enters. This position is great for guys because they can use their hands to move your legs closer to feel fuller inside the woman.

He can also touch the woman however he likes. Although a good position for lazy women, it may be boring for more adventurous types. Plus, your legs become achy if they're up in the air too long.


A slight alternative to the woman on top, this sex position has the woman assume the same position, but with her legs spread as wide as possible. Then, with her hands on the man's chest, she rocks back and forth. The spreading of the legs works well because it allows for deeper penetration, which will benefit both the man and the woman.

However, it helps to be fairly limber in order to pull off this sexy stunt. Stretching for so long can make your legs sore after awhile. For the woman who likes to be in control, this is the go-to position.