Are You Ready For Another Kid?

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Stress Level

Closely linked to your physical health is your ability to handle stress. Some moms are naturally anxious and require lots of relaxation time to wind down after a day with the kids, while others are easy-going and roll with the punches. If you find yourself in the first category, you need to ask yourself whether you can handle the added pressure of another baby. If your other child is still young and dependent upon you for all their needs, you might want to consider waiting until they gain a bit more independence.

Your Other Child(ren)

You shouldn't let your older child dictate when you should have another baby, but their readiness is something to take into consideration. If your first baby has yet to sleep through the night or your toddler is going through a challenging phase that has you in discipline mode most of the day, you might want to think of how having another baby will affect the situation.

If you have a child with special needs, you have to count in the extra time and effort required to care for his or her daily needs, and how a new baby would fit into the picture.

Your Spouse's Feelings

Yes, you're the one who has to carry the baby and endure the labor, but your partner will be deeply involved in this child's life as well. Some men may be reluctant to discuss their thoughts about having another baby, because they feel that your mind is already made up one way or another. Ask for his input and hear him out. If you're having doubts about expanding your family, let him know; he may be feeling the same way.