Are You Ready For Another Kid?

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If You're Adopting

Most of the suggestions in this article apply to biological and adoptive parents alike, but adoptive parents have some extra matters to think about. The cost of adoption is typically much higher than that of bringing a biological child into the world, so your finances will take a heavier blow.

Also, a number of adopted babies and children go through an extra time of adjustment after arriving at their new home. This adjustment might include some emotional upset or acting out, which can bring a bit more tension to the house.

Follow Your Heart

Sometimes, a couple just "knows" when it's time for another child. If this is how you and your spouse are feeling, you probably feel confident in your decision. Some couples have chosen to expand their families in the face of incredible odds and their bet has paid off.

When you're deliberating about whether to have another child, use your head, but follow your heart, too.