At-Home Spa Treatments

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Essential Oils and Scents Designed for Relaxation

  • Lavender - The famous purple flower helps people sleep and fight migraines. It can even help put the most stressful thoughts to rest.
  • Chamomile - Often used in "sleepy time" herbal teas, chamomile is known to help ease pain and to generally help with sedation.
  • Bergamot - This oil not only smells great but it also helps loosen tight muscles.
  • Sandalwood - The healing properties of sandalwood are renowned. It can help with irritation, acne and lifting depression.
  • Ylang Ylang [ee-lahng-ee-lahng] - It might have a funny name, but Ylang Ylang's floral scent can calm anger, release tension, and ease muscles spasms.
  • Clary Sage - This sweet, floral scent can ease fatigue and help you to relax.

You can find these essential oils at most health food stores or in candle form. Aromatherapy is a subtle way to help you set the mood for your spa treatments and achieve relaxation. Listening to soothing music is another great way to add some atmosphere to your at-home spa day.

Don't waste your time and money on an over-priced spa. Get creative and look around your house for easy and inexpensive ways to pamper yourself with spa treatments that will make your skin-and your wallet-feel good.

By taking advantage of commonly found ingredients like coffee grounds, essential oils, candles, and even some brown sugar, you can look and feel like you've been to the most luxurious spa in town.

With these simple recipes and tips, you can create your own spa getaway any night of the week!