How to do Morning Makeup in Minutes: Tips for a Fast Face

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At the Store: When selecting your gloss, decide if you want to go with a bright or neutral color, or one with an SPF. Consider if you're going to be wearing it over lipstick. Sans color will create a natural, youthful look.

Time to Apply: 3 to 5 seconds.


The great thing about bronzer is that it's typically two-toned. A darker shade helps lend a sun-kissed glow, and you may have a lighter, highlighting shade. You could use the lighter shade for a little color around the eyes to lighten and refresh. Even if you don't have time for foundation, applying bronzer will help lend your skin extra color and give you a slightly tanned, healthy look.

Quick Application Tip: Using a wide brush with a rounded top, swirl evenly throughout bronzer. Tap brush on compact or counter to get rid of excess. Then lightly apply to the areas the sun would naturally hit (top of forehead, nose and cheeks). You may also put a little on your chin, or even on your décolleté area, to balance out your chest and face. Literally, this takes about 4 to 5 strokes of the brush.

At the Store: When picking out your bronzer, select a shade slightly darker than your skin. Test it out before buying, and look at it in multiple lighting situations if possible. (The last thing you want is to look fake or sport that dreaded oompa loompa orange glow.)

Bronzer: 20 to 30 seconds