How to do Morning Makeup in Minutes: Tips for a Fast Face

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Even without time for eye shadow, eyeliner or liquid eyeliner, mascara will lend definition to your eyes. Consider a lash thickening mascara on your upper lashes. Just one coat will help make your lashes look thicker and darker (and bring out that beautiful blue, brown or green hue of your eyes). You'll probably want to use a true black color for the best contrast between face and eyes -gray or black-brown mascaras probably won't get the "pop" you want in the absence of other eyeliners or shadows. The exceptions to this rule are blondes and redheads, who typically need brown instead of black mascara.

Quick Application Tip: Remove the wand from the mascara tube in one motion. Apply the mascara to your top lashes first. Start from the underside closest to your eyelid then work your way out to the tips of the lashes. Just one coat will do. On the bottom lashes, start at the bottom of the eye and lightly apply the mascara in a downward motion. You won't need to use as much here. Just 2 strokes for each eye and you're done.

At the Store: When selecting your black lash-thickening mascara, consider whether you want normal, water resistant or waterproof mascara. Take a mental inventory of your daily activities. If you're outside a lot and exposed to rain or other elements, you may want a water-resistant mascara made from petroleum and water base.

Time to Apply: 45 seconds to 1 minute