Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow: How to Tell It's time for an Update

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While it may be tempting to ask your hair dresser to give you the hottest celebrity hairstyle-Halle Berry's sexy pixie or Nicole Richie's longer, messy layers-be realistic with your expectations and be open to your stylist "modifying" the trend to suit your face.

Another important point to remember is that our faces change as we age or fluctuate in weight, and your hairstyle needs to adapt. Longer locks may have worked when you had full cheeks and a baby face, but if you've lost a lot of weight in recent years, that excess hair might be dragging you (and your face) down.

When Less is More

For some women, it's hard to let go of the past, part of which may include the ability to pull off a super trendy, edgy 'do. But if you're working as the regional manager of a successful banking operation, or teaching literature to a group of 13-year-olds, you need to find a look that is more appropriate for the situation. This may mean letting go of a more "youthful" hair style or learning to say "no" to the hottest, most trendy styles, or at least finding a more subdued, professional version.

Hair color is one of the areas where less may be more. If you've been bleaching your hair since the 80s, it might be time to talk to your stylist about transitioning to something a little less drastic. Years and years of chemically treating your hair with harsh lighteners can take its toll. Switching to a darker shade of blond may be all the change you need.

The same can be said for women who darken their hair. Nothing looks as severe as a gorgeous woman with a naturally aging face and unnaturally dark locks. A skilled colorist can help you to find a more neutral shade that will soften any lines you may have. If you're one of the lucky women whose hair has turned silver with age, embrace your good fortune and consider going au natural for a change! You might be pleasantly surprised to see what a reaction you get.

If you have been chemically straightening or relaxing your hair for longer than you can remember, talk to your hair dresser about more natural alternatives. It may be more flattering to instead cut your hair and use their recommended hair products to create beautiful waves or curls that flatter most any face.