Playing Nice with Your Ex: Here's How

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Consider Outside Help - If you've tried it all and your relationship still plays like a WWE match, you may want to consider the professional services of a family counselor or mediator. This can be especially important if children are involved. Having an unbiased third party to help you work out your disagreements and improve your relationship moving forward can be much more effective than a cage match to the death.

If You Don't Have Something Nice to Say... - Whether it was infidelity, a lack of commitment or you found out that he prefers women's lingerie - keep it to yourself. While it can be tempting to bad mouth your ex all over town, resist the urge. Biting your tongue eliminates future fights and altercations, and you also come out looking like the bigger person and can focus your energy on something more positive.

Stay Calm - When taking on touchy subjects, it's important to keep your cool. Even if you're seeing red, exploding with rage or anger and raising your voice will make the situation seem out of your control. Remember that you are trying to start over - not continue the same old cycle.