Beware of the Sext

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What may start out as a personal sext to one individual can eventually end up on other people's phones, emails and worse yet - Web sites. Unfortunately, once an image appears on a Web site, it's not necessarily easy or even possible to get it off.

The worst part is, once you've sent a text message with a sexually explicit photo, you have no control over it, but the recipient does. It's not like a sext comes with a confidentiality agreement.

So who are the groups most likely to engage in sexting? Teenagers and young people ranging from age 13 to 26.

Professional Dangers of Sexting

Because the majority of "sexters" are young people, they have perhaps the longest amount of time for those images to haunt them. Sexting increases your visibility in the virtual world, and because it is so easy to access information on the Internet, there's a good chance a lapse in judgment could become a longtime or permanent obstacle.