Beware of the Sext

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Legal ramifications of sexting are changing all the time and are murky, to say the least, when the age group meant to be protected by the laws is being punished by them, as well.

Think Before You Sext

In the best of cases, a sext is kept within the confines of a committed relationship. While the rationale behind sexting may be innocent enough, say if you both want to have a little fun and spice things up a bit, the consequences can often do more harm than good.

After all, if your phone or your honey's got into the wrong hands, you have to ask yourself: Would you want this photo to end up on the Internet where your boss, parents, cousins and siblings could see?

Maybe you've already snapped the shot and are about to hit that send key. Before you do, you may want to consider some alternatives to the ever-notorious sext. Could you leave a sexy note on the counter or the car for his eyes only?

Another option is purchasing a camera with a docking station. Even if it feels outdated in this digital age, connecting your camera directly with a printer allows a distinct advantage -- it isn't saved and it can't be traced. Plus, it can be kept within the privacy of your own home -- now there's an idea!