Beware of the Sext

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Whether you're a young professional going out for that new job or have kids who want to get into their dream college or make the cut for that exclusive athletic organization, nothing can call his or her character into question like sexting. Because your photo can pop up anywhere, anytime, when you least expect it, there is a chance future and current employers can view it.

Perhaps no one understands that better than U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner, who, after being caught for sending lewd photographs of himself to women online resigned in June 2011 amid a torrent of media coverage.

Emotional Dangers of Sexting

Say you send a sexy message (accompanied by a photo, of course) to someone you've been in a committed relationship with, thinking it will never get out. He may not intend to send it to anyone, but what if his phone is lost or stolen?

Maybe he has a not-so-reputable old friend from high school who happens upon it while your man is in another room. What if you have a bitter breakup?