Look Bikini-Ready in Minutes: Here's How

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Crystal-Clear Skin: Zap Zits 

Nothing spoils plans to don that new bikini like a back or facial breakout. A good skincare regimen goes a long way in preventing nasty breakouts.

When the little devils do crop up, you can spot-treat them quickly with a peroxide-based cream. For daily care to prevent pimples during the summer months, try: 

  • gently exfoliating daily;
  • using a daily body wash that contains salicylic acid;
  • avoiding sleeping in makeup; and
  • speaking to your dermatologist about an acne prescription, if necessary. 

Protect Your Locks  

The sun can be brutal on your hair, as can salty or chlorinated water. You'll want to take a few extra steps to make sure your locks are luscious-looking before heading out the door. Here are a couple of summer hair care tips you can try: