Look Bikini-Ready in Minutes: Here's How

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Polish Off the Look with a Pair of Shades 

Nothing tops off a new bikini like the perfect pair of sunglasses. Not only do they earn you fashion points, but wearing sunglasses also prevents eye damage. Make sure your glasses provide 100 percent UV protection and that they suit the shape of your face well. 

To find the right pair of shades to complete your bikini-ready look, select a pair that matches your facial features: 

  • Heart-shaped face – cat-eye shaped shades work best for heart-shaped faces.
  • Round face – to minimize roundness, try wearing angular glasses to add definition.
  • Square/angular face – conversely, if you have an angular face, you'll want to wear round-framed sunglasses for a balanced look.
  • Oval face – people with oval-shaped faces look good in just about anything. Go for style here -- whatever floats your boat! 

With these tips, you can be beautiful, bikini-ready and ready for fun in the sun in a matter of minutes.