Mineral Makeup

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Mineral makeup is a super hot item in the cosmetics world today, but its history may very well go back to the beginnings of civilization. Ancient Egyptians used crushed minerals and other natural substances to create their trademark kohl-rimmed eyes.

Natural ingredient based makeup took a backseat for the next few thousand years, until the 1970's when the natural living movement spurred interest in making cosmetic products healthier and more eco-friendly. It became known that most commercial makeup contained toxic chemical compounds that could possibly do harm to the skin and body. Mineral makeup was coming back into the public awareness, but it wasn't a huge seller just yet. The formulation and manufacturing of mineral makeup was still being perfected, and many consumers simply didn't like the results they got from the product.

For the next 20 or so years, makeup wearers were stuck with the old standby liquid and cake makeup that went perfectly with the overdone and wild styles of the late 70's through the 80's, but things were about to change drastically. In the 90's awareness of natural health and wellness made a strong comeback and staked its claim in the mainstream. Soon, just about every business was going green, natural and organic, and the cosmetics industry was ready to formulate and produce a mineral makeup that was both healthy and flattering.

Nowadays, there are plenty of mineral makeup products to choose from, and many reasons to give this type of makeup a try. Millions of women find mineral makeup products to be great for their skin, with many devotees who claim their skin looks younger, smoother and more natural. In some instances, mineral makeup has been reported to reduce the occurrence of skin irritation and breakouts. You can also appreciate that mineral makeup is free of parabens, sulphates, chemical fragrances, and other harmful elements.