Mineral Makeup

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When most of us think of mineral foundations, we tend to think of a loose powder, but there are creamy mineral foundations available as well. These liquid bases give you extra coverage with all the benefits of dry mineral foundation. One to try: Maybelline Mineral Power Liquid Foundation.


The ideal effect of a blush should be to make you look like you just came in from a nice brisk walk. It should add color and brightness to your face without looking painted on. The San-Francisco-based cosmetics company Bare Escentuals is always on the forefront of creating natural mineral-based cosmetics in an incredible variety of shades. Their Bare Minerals Blush ($18) is a powder but goes on creamy and smooth and comes in 33 amazing colors that can be blended to make custom combinations.

Mineral blushes work best with a brush made to be used specifically with them, so be sure to pick up the brush when you buy your product!

Eye Shadows and Liners

Eye shadow brings out your sexy side and highlights the natural beauty of your eyes. Mineral shadows work well for this purpose because they're formulated much differently than most other commercial shadows. Even decent-quality traditional shadows have a nasty habit of creasing in lids, getting oily, and smudging. For sensitive individuals, they can sometimes cause eye irritation.