Mineral Makeup

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If you need a break from traditional eye shadow woes, try Jane Iredale PurePressed Triple Eyeshadow ($34). These compacts contain 3 complimentary colors that are designed to be gentle, soft, and long lasting. Mineral shadows are color-dense, so the colors really pop without looking over the top. Even the bright colors manage to look natural!

Mineral eyeliners work in the same way as traditional eyeliners, except they're generally accepted to be safer, because they contain no talc or chemicals that can be harmful when worn close to the eye. Mineral WearTM Talc-Free Mineral Eye Liner Pencil is an inexpensive and beneficial product to start with when exploring mineral eyeliners. It features an anti-microbial smudge tip, natural pigments, and natural anti-oxidants that help fight the signs of aging around the eye area. Best of all, it's a steal for $6.95!

Lip Color

After the eyes, the mouth is the most challenging area when it comes to signs of aging. Fine lines and wrinkles as well as more permanent expression lines tend to settle around these areas. Mineral lip color is one way to fight the aging process on your lips.

How many women really think about what their everyday lipstick is made of? Few of us probably stop to consider the chemicals, dyes and bacteria that we're happily gliding onto our mouth each day. Bare Minerals gets another shout out for the 100% Natural Lipstick ($15). With vitamins, minerals, moisturizers and rich, plant-based colors, you can be sure you're doing something good for your lips when you wear this mineral product.