10 Beauty Products Every Girl Should Have

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You May Want to Try: Boscia Enlivening Amino AG Eye Treatment

Combines amino acids and antioxidant to hydrate the skin and prevent signs of aging. Vitamin E works to reduce dark circles. Average price: $38

Foot Cream

Our feet can take a lot of abuse. In an average lifetime, we'll walk 115,000 miles. To help offset the effects of life in between pedicures, slather up every night before bed with a good foot cream. Applying cream at night will give it time to soak in, since you're not running around. For super dry, cracked feet, consider applying cream and then wearing socks. It will allow the moisture to seep in, without the interruption of sheets.

You May Want to Try: Far Above Rubies Goat Milk Skin Cream

Let's face it - if this stuff is strong enough to stand up to cracks and dryness during an Alaskan winter, it's bound to help your tender heels the whole year through. This cream is made without water, and is infused with olive and safflower oils, shea butter, cocoa butter and aloe. In a variety of fun scents, from mocha to peppermint. $9

Cuticle Oil

Using cuticle oil every night before bed is a great way to prevent hangnails and cracked cuticles. Most cuticle oils are a combination of jojoba, lavender, almond tea tree and vitamin E oils. This is a great way to ensure overall nail health.

You May Want to Try: Butter London Handbag Holiday Cuticle Oil

Coconut and pineapple scented cuticle oil. Smells good enough to use everyday. $15