10 Beauty Products Every Girl Should Have

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Face Mask

A weekly face mask can be a healing ritual, in more ways than one. For oily skin, a clay mask can help soak up extra oils, and for dry skin, the hydrating power of an intense moisturizing mask can give skin the nourishment it needs. Plus, you may just let go of some of your stress, while you're at it.

You May Want to Try: DSM Facial Mud Mask

If you can't go to the Dead Sea, bring it to you. This mask contains Dead Sea mud and distilled aloe vera to lift away dead skin cells and promote new skin regeneration. Best of all, it works for all skin types. Suggested price: $14.49

Body Spritzer

Whether you're crawling into bed or coming in from a refreshing walk, it never hurts to have a body splash on hand, for a bit of invigorating, or relaxing scent - your choice.

You May Want to Try: Bath & Body Works Signature Collection Twilight Woods

Just in time for fall, this limited edition scent has hints of berry, mandarin and even coconut, offset with oud wood, vanilla milk and skin musk captive. $12