Braids, Buns and More

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Basic French Braid (adapted from an article by Adrienne Warber at

1. Identify a section of hair on the top of the person's head, above the ears. This should have enough hair to create the base of the French braid.

2. Divide the section into 3 equal parts. Be sure the hair is lying smoothly against the head to prevent any bumps or random hairs "poking out."

3.Braid the segments in a 3-strand pattern by putting the left hair over the middle hair then the right hair over the left-most segment. Loop the middle segment around the right segment. You'll want to keep the braid centered on the back of the head. Do this a total of 3 times.

4.Take a segment of hair from the left side and add it into the original left segment of the braid. To avoid a messy flyaway look, try and keep hair smooth throughout this process. Place the left segment over the middle one and then weave a length of hair from the right side into the right segment. Braid the right section over the left one. Now include hair from the left side into the middle section and loop the middle section over the right section. Repeat the pattern until the braid is done. It should reach the nape of the neck

5. Repeat step 4 on the remaining length of hair. Hold the braid in place with a hair elastic. Apply some gel for a smooth appearance.