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There are a few hair care products targeted at women with long hair, or those trying to grow their hair long. These products promise to smooth, tame, polish, and strengthen hair so it looks its best as it reaches awe-inspiring lengths. Mane "n Tail products have been a part of a long hair maintenance routine for many years. Inspired by the glossy luxury of a horse's crowning glory, these products are not only easy to find, but easy on the wallet as well. Mane "n Tail Detangler (average price $3.99) is a simple yet powerful product to add to your hair care routine. This product is a lifesaver for women with tightly curled or coarse, hard to manage hair.


If you have concerns about the effects of chemicals on your body and the planet, you're probably trying to make greener choices when it comes to personal care products. Many hair problems, including excessive tangling, can be traced to the overuse of chemical products like dyes, relaxers, perms, and other unnatural preparations. If you decide to stop or limit your use of these hair products, you have plenty of natural options that work just as well or better than their chemical counterparts.

If your hair is tangled, chances are it is also dry. Dry hair with crunchy ends is difficult to comb and manage. Daily Spray Detangler from Just Natural Organic Hair Care (average price $23.99) is a botanically infused leave-in treatment with no harsh chemicals. It uses hibiscus oil and babassu to help keep hair looking great. It also addresses the problem of extremely dry hair and reduces hair loss due to breakage.