Warm Weather Perfumes

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Nothing says clean like a fragrance called, you guessed it, Clean! Sephora's Clean To Go ($38) is their popular perfume in a smaller, easy-tote format, so you can take the freshly showered, light scent with you wherever you go.

A perfume can be clean, but have just the right amount of sultriness hiding beneath the surface. Glow by J.Lo ($50) mixes the soapy floral notes of classic clean scents with undertones of amber and musk to make a unique and attractive perfume


Asian-inspired scents, known in the perfume world as Oriental scents, hold a lot of appeal. They're exotic, feminine and sophisticated-sexy. Some perfumes in this category are spicy and warm and more suited for winter, but others remind you of Japanese cherry blossoms and mist, making them great choices for spring.

Victoria's Secret Dream Angels Heavenly ($39-$59) blends white peony, vanilla and sandalwood for a scent that's feminine, mysterious and sweet. It's perfect for rooftop cocktails and warm evening strolls.


Chance Eau Tendre by Chanel ($65)blends fruit and green notes for freshness with the lightest touch of musk for sensuality. It's an understated, subtle romantic scent that's equally appropriate for an evening on the town or a day at the office.

The advertisements for Estee Lauder Beautiful ($61) feature a bride and her wedding party frolicking joyfully on a gorgeous spring day. There really is no better image for this romantic and upbeat scent. With its rich, woodsy base topped by scents of roses, lilies, marigold, and other flowers, this perfume is as bright and lovely as a bride's bouquet. Try the Eau de Toilette for an extra-light, ladylike scent